Dubai 92:

Dubai 92 is Dubai’s longest running English music station, focused on young professionals and working families that call the UAE their home. Our extensive audience research ensures we’re playing more music and more variety centering on the biggest hits of the nineties, noughties and now and covering the news and information that is important to our listeners and their lives.


Al khaleejiya:

Al Khaleejiya 100.9 is the UAE’s exclusive local radio station broadcasting only Khaleeji music. With unique songs and intelligent content, the station targets an elite audience of Khaleeji nationals. Launched on January 2003, Al Khaleejiya 100.9 is a dynamic and creative station, where content is smartly tailored to reach its audience effectively. Targeting Khaleeji nationals between the age of 15 and 34, the audience is sophisticated and educated. They are discerning consumers who strike a fine balance between traditional and modern lifestyles. They are enthusiastic about media, entertainment, sports, technology and cars. Al Khaleejiya 100.9 audience spends time in malls, going to movies, playing video games, buying the latest designer brands and they are lovers of music and poetry. Al Khaleejiya 100.9 is getting bigger than ever with its digital brand launch, Al Khaleejiya Classic!


My UAE Guide:

myUAEguide is an information portal promoting events and exhibitions in the UAE. We also have classifying listings for cars and properties. We are media partners with 50% of the major exhibitions in the UAE.

Currently, we have a high quality database of over 360,000 contacts, people that have opted into receive communication from myUAEguide. These contacts want to know what is happening in the UAE and we are helping them do that.

Bahrona Magazine:

The magazine was founded by the Editorial Board in 2015 to share the orientations of the Government of the Sultanate of Oman and the private sector in the Sultanate in making the future of the maritime sector one of the most important tributaries of the national economy by reviving some of the activities of this sector which was one of the most important means of trade in the past, As well as the role of the Sultanate in the region, as well as highlighting modern activities and renewable resources and keeping abreast of the changes in the global economy and the marine environment, as evidenced by our mission “harnessing the Arab maritime heritage and modern scientific knowledge in the development, sustainability and enhancement of marine resources in the Omani economy.”

There is no doubt that the media plays a key role in this system through raising awareness, the exchange of knowledge and science, and the marketing of innovative ideas and new products. At Bahrona Magazine, we seek to see “Baharna Magazine as a leading media platform specializing in areas related to the sea.”

Obhur Magazine:

Is a Saudi magazine specializing in all maritime affairs in various fields and branches, types and terms of reference and is the first magazine (and only) so far, covering the themes of Saudi Arabia in particular and the Gulf and the Arab world in general, in all matters relating to the sea. And has the support and participation of several official and government agencies, academic, and corporate professionals, captains, engineers, doctors and individuals linked to the sea and maritime affairs in the Kingdom and the Gulf and the Arab world the magazine reflects the image and position for the beaches and the potential of our beloved kingdom in generous and wonderful gulf marine. For example:

  • border guards
  • Maritime Safety Management
  • King Abdulaziz University
  • Faculty of Marine Sciences
  • College of Marine Studies
  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  • Red Sea Research Center
  • Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation
  • Presidency of Meteorology and Environment
  • Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage
  • Tourism Committee – Jeddah Chamber
  • Maritime organizations and Commission
  • Exhibitions, conferences and marine festivals
  • And number of Companies, foundation, Centers, academies specialized in Maritime Training (tourism, Diving, Fishing, Swimming, Entertainment.. etc)


Obhur Magazine’s subjects covers all maritime affairs in various fields and branches, types and terms of reference includes:

  • Marine tourism
  • Marine Sports and Activities
  • Fish and marine organisms
  • Medicine and Health associated with the sea
  • Technical aspects and specialty in Maritime Navigation
  • Maritime and Navigation Laws, Regulations and Instructions
  • Marine environment conservationist
  • Information about areas and maritime places


All the Articles, topics, reports, summaries, studies, analyzes and maps are provided in technical and professional design, prepared by a group of specialists in maritime, navigational and technical fields:

  • Official Government authorities
  • Educational and academic authorities
  • Specialized bodies in the sea (Captains, Navigators, Technicians, Worker, Doctors, Researchers, Trainers, Divers, Officials(

The Sports Journal:

Sports Journal®, founded in 2016 under DANTANI, Inc. Sports®, is one of the largest digital publications in the MENA region. Covering exclusive athlete interviews, original sports journalism and latest sports news within the MENA region in English and Arabic and soon to be launched in Swahili and Chinese for the Africa and China regions respectively.

The Sports Journal®, is an ambitious digital news publication that celebrates, instructs and gets behind the scenes to show the fans how sports are organized, it’s financial aspect and the politics surrounding it. TSJ® puts a huge focus on sports investigative stories, which we rarely get to read in this region.”


Dubai Blog

Born as blog and later evolved into a site and then a real portal, DubaiBlog is the brand of our agency. Founded in 2007 with a different name, the first portal got the current name in 2009 and we are proud to go on using that one for our company; our organization is mainly involved in Consultancy, Video and Media Production, Social Media and Web Communication projects, PR, helping businessmen & companies in having a correct social & media approach internationally and to manage their key web-aspects.

Emirates Fishing

Emirates Fishing is you go-to guide for everything you need to know about fishing in the UAE! Our fishing forecasts are one of the best in the UAE, on top of finding a good forecast you will learn about the conditions and the facts that are needed to consider having a good catch.

The pages are well organized for both beginners and experienced anglers. To find out more visit www.emirtaesfishing.com


Middle East Dive & Fish Expo

Middle East Dive & Fish Expo